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13 Benefits of Email Marketing

Over the last few years many forms of online marketing have arisen, giving individuals and businesses a wide variety of choice when it comes to marketing their products and services online.

Some of you may be sceptical about the use of email marketing so here are 13 benefits to convince you otherwise…

1) Time – Creating an emailer does not require much time, money or resources. Once created your emailer can be sent to thousands of people with a few clicks of a mouse. Emailers can also be automated, saving a lot of time.

2) Versatile – Your email can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. By using html coding you can add graphics and interesting fonts, making the emailer more aesthetically pleasing.

3) Keeping in touch – Email marketing is a cheap and easy way to keep in contact with existing clients. You can update them on new products or discounts which will hopefully generate repeat business.

4) Reach Anyone – Unlike printed ads, you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world with an email. As long as the content you are sending them is relevant, you can send to anyone, from the CEO of a global company to a teenager still at school.

5) Segmentation – Email marketing makes it very easy to segment your customers, tailoring each email campaign to their particular interests. This is one of the only marketing streams that really lets you fine-tune your campaign to the exact audience you require.

6) Feedback – As email is a two way medium, it allows the recipient to reply to you so you can gain their feedback on what you have sent.

7) Relationships – Setting up regular email contact with existing customers, whether it is by newsletter or sending digital sales literature, establishes an on-going relationship which can hopefully develop into repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

8) Personalisation – An email campaign can be personalised to a level that is difficult to match in any other form of online marketing. Using the customer’s name on the email gives it a personal touch and makes them feel like the email has not been sent out to a huge database of people.

9) Sharing – Emails are very easy to forward on and share with friends, family or colleagues. This means your email may be seen by many more people than you initially sent the email to which should result in more customers and better exposure.

10) Tracking – Current email software allows for very detailed reports to be produced, showing open rates, click through rates and leads. This is very useful for assessing the effectiveness of a campaign.

11) Environmentally friendly – Emails are purely electronic which cuts down on the amount of resources needed. Compare this with a mail drop which will require a large amount of paper.

12) Interactive – If you want to link your customers to other places such as your social media pages or designated landing pages, emails are perfect for attracting customers to these.

13) Cost – The cost of creating and distributing an emailer is very low, therefore return on investment is usually very high! For a small amount of money you can drive a large amount of traffic to your website or storefront.

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