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3 Ways To Optimise Your Landing Page For Conversions

The Message
Firstly you need to decide how you intend your target customers to reach your landing page.
Email campaign? Social Media? PPC? Organic traffic? All of these?
However you’re doing it, it is crucial that the key message is consistently emphasised from the ad, to the page. For example, if the Facebook flyer mentions three benefits of signing up now, make sure all three benefits are highlighted on the landing page. The branding and language used also needs continuity, so the user does not get confused thinking the two do not match.

The Action
How easy is it for the user to take advantage of your offer? Is there a complex form to complete? Is any information requested that doesn’t seem relevant to the offer, from the user’s perspective?
Sign up forms should take minimal effort to complete, and take into account the device the user might access the landing page with. Make sure you add a telephone number if possible? These can be tracked to individual campaigns and vastly increase your ability to determine the effectiveness of your landing page design.

Finishing up
When a user completes a form submission, you still have their attention for a moment. Use this time wisely. You can thank them for their interest. But why not offer them some incentive to complete some other action? Get them to follow you on social media for updates related to the campaign, forward the page to a friend, sign up for your newsletter so they can be the first to know about future campaigns.

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