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5 Tips For A Successful Email Campaign

In the modern world, for many people, sending an email is a common, everyday occurrence. In fact 191.4 billion emails are sent every day in the world, which is a staggering amount.

Many companies use email campaigns to drum up new business as well as communicating with their existing customers so it’s imperative to be able to get your message across through an email campaign.

Creating a successful email campaign is not always an easy task, so here are 5 tips to make sure your future campaigns are a rip-roaring success.

1) An Intriguing subject line – They say first impressions are everything, and when you receive an email, the first two things you see are the name and subject line. Therefore this MUST grab the attention of the recipient and make them actually want to open the email. Try to be as creative as possible, make it interesting and make it memorable. A bad subject line is destined for failure, as it may get caught in spam filters or just not get opened at all.

2) No Spam – These days spam filters are getting more and more advanced and, therefore, you must adhere to certain rules when producing an email campaign. Make sure your email address and subject line is all spelt correctly and relevant to the email’s content. Provide something of value to your recipients: if you’re offering bogus products, many people will mark your email as spam and your sending address may be blacklisted. Finally, avoid using spam filter trigger words, such as ‘free’, ‘bargain’ or ‘cheap’. It’s very easy to find lists of spam trigger words, so make sure you read over your subject line and content, removing these if you have used any.

3) Striking Graphics – Don’t disappoint your recipient by getting them all excited by your intriguing subject line but then sending them a boring, text-heavy email, which they certainly won’t read. HTML code allows us to create eye-catching emails, with a good mixture of graphics and text that must be used to engage your audience. Make sure the graphics you use are relevant to your content and positioned nicely, so they fit well with the text you use.

4) Call to Action – Your email must have a purpose: whether it’s to direct people to a certain landing page or to enter a competition, your call to action (CTA) must be clear, simple and easily accessible. Positioning of the CTA is crucial: make sure it’s in direct view as soon as you open the email.

5) Timing is Key – In my last blog, I discussed the best time to send an email and this really is a critical aspect of the campaign. Obviously, this depends on the nature of your business but as a general rule, research has shown that many more emails are opened towards the start of the week, at around midday.

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