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A Fun Run – From Start to Finish

We did it, baby!

On Sunday, Team K2L were among the 40,000 taking on the 10k BUPA Great Manchester Run.

After weeks of training, extensive dietary conditioning and even some last minute press ups in a pub carpark the four athletes managed to cruise over the finishing line with a respectable group average of 59 minutes 40 seconds.

Our fastest athlete was our Mark, who managed it in a speedy 56.30, just ahead of Scott in at 56.59.

After the race Mark commented “The run was a real challenge, but thinking of all those who sponsored us helped spur me on, cheers guys!”

So how is everyone holding up after the big race? Aside from a few aches and pains, spirits are high in the office this Monday morning. You can be sure we’ll be back this time next year to run the race all over again. Roll on 2013!”

Keep your eyes peeled for a full news write up on our main site coming in the next few days with some piccies and a nifty video as well.

So tell us about your 10k experiences? Did you run it in under an hour? Were you the man dressed as a giant hot dog? Drop us a line here, we’d love to hear from you.

K2L at Great Manchester Run