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Another Pawesome Visitor Drops By

It’s not been such a ‘ruff’ day as Director Lynda brought in her 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Archie to explore the office. With his size he definitely caught our attention. He’s a lot different to Flo, the tiny Chihuahua pup owned by Senior Account Manager Maria, who has visited the office a few times recently.

Archie might be big but we soon found out that he’s a complete softie who is proudly loyal to Lynda. He couldn’t go five minutes being separated from her side!

We enjoy playing music in the office to keep us motivated, but the sound track for the day turned out to be Archie’s whining every time Lynda left the room. It was an adorable sight to see his face light up and his tail wag happily whenever she came back in.

Despite the excitement of sharing our office with Archie for the day were still able to concentrate on delivering the high quality service we’re known for as an integrated marketing agency. Archie’s company brightened up the atmosphere and we’re hoping to see him come back soon. (Maybe he’ll make it to six minutes without Lynda next time)