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Car Transport to Spain-in Style

What a day!! Visiting one of our clients this morning and we weren’t expecting to see two of the world’s most prestigious sports cars parked outside their offices.

A £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador and my favourite the Ferrari 458 Spider were sat ready in waiting ready to be whisked away to their lucky owners overseas in Europe.

We weren’t told much about them, which makes me think their owners could well be ‘high profile’, other than they were being transported to exclusive resorts in Vale Do Lobo, Portugal and La Zagaleta, Spain.

(If you haven’t heard of these- Google them, they look amazing!)

Sadly we weren’t allowed to test drive them, although that was probably a good thing, as we would have never started our meeting!

These will be delivered to their destination in the next few days, so we wonder who will be driving these bad boys?

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