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Celebrity Trainer Puts The Team Through Their Paces

It turns out some of the team here at K2L Marketing are gluttons for punishment after they agreed to be put through their paces with an intense workout session at the hands of celebrity personal trainer, nutritionist and K2L client, Sam Witter.

Sam came into the office for the afternoon to discuss the branding and website of his new venture, a healthy lifestyle programme called Tri-Plan which K2L is currently designing.

Once all the business talk was over and done with, Lynda, Ashlie, Pete, Warren, Carrie and Adam got their kit on and went to the gym across the road, where Sam guided them through a full body workout that included rope pulls (as demonstrated by Pete in the picture), kettle bell squats, burpees and stints on the rowing machine.

By the end of it the whole team had a good sweat on and were feeling the burn nicely and the following day there were more than a few aching arms, legs and backs in the office. We certainly have a new found respect for Sam’s regular celebrity clients such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C, who obviously must be tough cookies if they can endure that kind of workout session on a regular basis!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Tri-Plan website, which is due to be launched later in the year.

team gym session 2

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