Furry Visitor Gives K2L Paws for Thought | K2L Marketing

Furry Visitor Gives K2L Paws for Thought

We had a tiny furry visitor yesterday, when our Senior Account Manager Maria, brought in her brand new Chihuahua puppy. Maria had only just got her the previous day so she was that new she didn’t even have a name yet!

Like the creative branding agency that we are, we got to work straight away on coming up with a name for this adorable creature. Some of the suggestions that were batted around the office included ‘Gizmo’, ‘Betsy’, ‘Bonnie’, ‘Marilyn’, and ‘Mavis’. In the end though, Maria settled on ‘Flo’, which we think suits her perfectly.

Although we usually pride ourselves on being an extremely hardworking marketing agency, we’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t get much work done while Flo was trotting round the office with her tiny tail wagging.

Luckily, she tired herself out pretty quickly and was put to bed in her basket in the afternoon, leaving our graphic designers, copywriters, web developers and account managers to get back to work.

That said, we do like to think that by us having our day brightened up by Flo’s presence, it got our creative juices flowing even more than usual.

Hopefully it won’t be the last time little Flo comes to say hello to everyone at K2L so we’ll keep you posted as she grows from a tiny puppy to, well, a tiny dog (she is only a Chihuahua after all).