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Google to Penalise Non-Mobile Friendly Sites After April 21st

The world of SEO is ever changing, mainly due to the fact that search engine giant Google is constantly updating the way its algorithms work. As a leading SEO agency in Manchester, it is our job to keep up to date with Google developments and ensure that we are implementing best practices to ensure our clients search rankings are the best they can be.

One recent major development was the announcement that after 21 April 2015, websites that haven’t been designed to be mobile friendly will be penalised, which could cost them as much as 30% of their usual traffic.

Google’s announcement comes after recent research showed that some businesses get up to 40% of their traffic from mobile devices. As more and more people do more of their searching using their smartphones and tablets, it makes sense that Google encourages developers to create their content to be mobile friendly, and although penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly may seem a bit harsh, it can only lead to an improved user experience for consumers in the long term.

Once the changes are applied, if a user searches for a specific term while using their smart phone or tablet, the sites that have mobile friendly versions will appear higher in the search rankings. Although the other factors in SEO such as keyword density and backlinks will still be taken into consideration by Google’s spiders, mobile-friendliness will play a much bigger factor than ever before.

As an integrated marketing agency based in Manchester that offers both SEO and web design services, we know the importance of creating user friendly websites that can be viewed and navigated easily both on desktop and mobile devices. Many of our clients already have mobile versions of their websites and therefore will not be affected by the penalties when they are implemented on 21 April.

If you are worried about whether or not your website is mobile friendly, Google has a useful tool which allows you to test its usability. For more information about how K2L can design a mobile friendly website for your business, contact us today.