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iPhone 5 – Rumours and What We Want!!!

Although a 2011 release was frequently talked about it never actually happened! Now it looks like it is set to happen as Apple have released a teaser invite, which everyone is predicting will be the launch of the new phone (because of the massive 5?!!?)

Because of this we’ve decided to have a look through some of the rumours that have floated about, about the new handset and what we’d like!


The first rumour was the name, was it to be the New iPhone like the route taken for the newest iPad or would they plum for iPhone5? Then came suggestions that the phone was going to be much bigger than the 4S and the design was supposed to mirror the reverse of the newest iPad. It is thought however that the design is pretty much known to be a slimmer incarnation of the 4 and the 4S with a two toned back.

The SIM card was the next feature thought to be altered as it is rumoured to be getting smaller from micro to nanoSIM with the camera centralised on the front and the iconic charger point thought to be becoming much smaller in size to accommodate the headphone jack relocating to the base.

Looking towards the actual operation of the phone, facial recognition is said to be a main feature with looking at your own phone set to unlock it! It could also house e-wallet capabilities that’ll allow you to pay for things and house cinema tickets etc. Finally and the most ludicrous suggestions have been involving holograms which could project the screen onto a flat surface or the keyboard for typing texts!

Whatever the changes and how it looks I’m sure they’ll be ringing around the office before new year! But before the release apple take note this is what the team at K2L want!

• Tom: There has been speak of Advanced Haptic Technology being used in the screen. I think this would be great as it would bring a bit of texture back to the digital world.
• Mark: Would like a fold away can opener so I can eat me beans whilst I’m chatting away!
• Rob Wilkinson: A new design, I’m bored of the boxey look.
• Sarah: A facebook app that works properly.
• Rob Henry: Just wants brew making facilities!!!