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Izzy’s K2L Work Experience

My name is Isabella and currently I am studying at Urmston Grammar Sixth Form doing my AS levels. I was very kindly given the opportunity to complete my work experience at K2L and this is my blog about my time here.

I was quite nervous when I first arrived because I had never taken part in work experience before and had only visited K2L once before for an overview of what I was going to undertake. However, everyone was very welcoming and after Scott showed me around the office I spent time sitting with everyone in the office so I could get an understanding of what each person’s job was. The office is also very nice providing an enjoyable working environment.

Throughout my time at K2L I have been involved in progress meetings which gave me a general idea of how the business was run and what it was like. The Studio Manager, Sarah gave me a few jobs to do such as typing up quotes as well as making sure all the client quotes were up to date..

I then spent some time working with the web designers and I was given the task of inputting edited copy into a website. This was a website that K2L were working on that was going live on the same day. The website was a hair and beauty salon which is located in Urmston called Ark Hair. They wanted a new website which advertised the new part of their business called The Retreat. This website is now online at www.arkhairandtheretreat.co.uk.

I was then shown by Carrie, the Digital Designer, how to create my own blog using BlogSpot. Before I created my own blog though I did some research into other blogs I read and liked the look of so I could gather ideas as to how I wanted my blog to look. I chose to create a blog that was beauty orientated in which I could post my reviews and my favourite makeup products. Throughout the day I completed a few blog posts consisting of a review of a brand’s products as well as my favourite summer products. If you want to read my blog, you can do so at http://thebeautyedit-izzy.blogspot.co.uk/

Overall, I have enjoyed my time here at K2L and it has been a good week. It has given me an idea of what working life will be like as I have never had a job before. As for the future, I will carry on my A levels next year at Urmston and I am hoping to study Psychology at University. There is a lot I will take from my time at K2L. For example, when creating my blog I was working independently, which I think is a very useful skill to have especially at University when I will need to be a lot more independent with my learning as well as living away from home.