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On His Way To A Desk Near You!

Keep your eyes peeled for your very own Little Orange Christmas Tree. He could be landing on your desk very soon!

When he arrives, he requires a warm friendly location and a little TLC. Sit him on your desk to add a bit of brightness to your office or take him out and about so he can enjoy the festive season.

He has his very own website, where you can share pictures of him, perhaps in the local pub with a pint or two, or out and about in Manchester frolicking with other Christmas Trees.

Upload your best photo of him to littleorangechristmastree.co.uk or tweet his picture with the hashtag #littleorangechristmastree for a chance to win some Christmas goodies!

To follow his journey and see what he is getting up to, visit littleorangechristmastree.co.uk…