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Our guide to Google Remarketing

Have you ever been browsing the web and noticed that the ads on a website eerily mirror the companies whose pages you’ve recently viewed. For example, you might check out a pair of shoes online, then a few days later you’ll be happily watching cat videos and see that same pair of shoes being advertised down the side of the screen.

You may already know this, but it is no coincidence. It is the result of a clever marketing technique called Google Remarketing. It’s a way of businesses to reach out to audiences they know have some invested interest in their products and services, due to the fact that those people have already spent some time on a website looking at those products or services.

Think about it – by placing ads randomly on websites, you’re going to be wasting money advertising to people who might have no interest at all in your business. But with Google Remarketing you can be sure that you get the most out of visits to your website. And it just got even more sophisticated.

At the end of June, Google announced updates to the Analytics that make targeting adverts toward relevant online audiences even more precise and focussed. If you’d like to learn more about the technicalities, you can read Google’s blog in which they go into detail about how it works.

If it seems like something that you could benefit from, our advice is to think before you begin going it alone. While Google has made it easy for anyone with enough patience to follow their ‘how to’ guide to build their target audiences, there are still elements of Google Remarketing that are best left up to experts.

When it comes down to it, Google Remarketing ads are just like any other form of advertising. The way they are distributed may seem like it is taken from science fiction, but what makes them really effective is compelling copywriting and eye-catching design, which is why most businesses who want to utilise the medium enlist the services of a creative marketing agency like K2L.

This video explains the wonders of Google Remarketing superbly…