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Our Top Picks From The Drum Marketing Awards 2015

The General Election wasn’t the only major event taking place last Thursday night, as The Drum Marketing awards were also happening at the London Marriott hotel. The awards are one of the biggest events in the Integrated Marketing Industry. Last year, we were delighted to be nominated and win the Best B2C Marketing Campaign for our ‘Red Devilution’ initiative with Salford Red Devils. And in the spirit of success we’re picking our top favourites from this year’s awards that represent innovation and awesomeness.

Leo Burnett #LikeAGirl Campaign

Leo Burnett’s #LikeAGirl campaign for feminine hygiene company PG and Always made our list because of the simple, heart-felt message it delivers. The #LikeAGirl campaign was created to redefine what it means to do things ‘like a girl.’

The social experiment was carried out alongside older men and women who took part in activities like skipping, running on the spot and throwing. The older volunteers didn’t take the activities seriously while the young girls were passionate and confident all the way through. The activities were shown on video with the girls answering questions on what they thought the ‘like a girl’ phrase meant. The video went viral thanks to a supporting social media campaign.

So memorable was the campaign that it took home several awards, including the Grand Prix, Global Brand Strategy of The Year and Digital Strategy of The Year.

White Label UK #OpinionsMatter Campaign

White Label UK teamed up with whiskey producers, Laphroaig, to increase awareness of the drink and improve sales. The #OpinionsMatter campaign featured real life, candid opinions of loyal whiskey drinkers advertised in print and video content.

The best opinion came from a man who described the beer as tasting of “salt, peat, smoke, iodine and seaweed. My friend the oceanographer said it tasted like dead fish. I was hooked.” With that kind of honesty it’s no wonder people wanted to check out what all the fuss was about. The other part of the campaign dealt with an online form that let members of the public submit their opinions. The focus on public opinion helped the campaign win Advertising Strategy of the Year.


Adrenaline and action were the themes of AMV BBDO’s UNBELIVEABLE campaign created for Pepsi. They created a series of videos with people performing ‘unbelievable’ feats and various football tricks.

The initiative is a reminder that the best campaigns have impact, helping AMV BBDO win the Brand Content Strategy of The Year award. The campaign was developed from the Pepsi slogan ‘Unbelievable Taste, Zero Sugar,’ showing how a technically led campaign can be inspired by clever copywriting.

Attention Seekers #feelingnuts campaign

The Cause Related Marketing Strategy of The Year award went to Attention Seekers for their #feelingnuts campaign that raises awareness for the Check One Two testicular cancer movement. True to their name, they were able to generate attention by working with Studio AKA animators to create short films and cartoons.

The video content is based on 2D flash and 3D animation focusing on two hilarious characters unofficially known as ‘The Spud Bros’ that are voiced by Ant and Dec. Safe to say Attention Seekers went balls out to shed light on a topic that a lot of guys are still uncomfortable dealing with.

Mischief PR ‘You’d Have To Be Gaga To Tear Down Smithfield’ Campaign

Campaigns don’t always have to win awards to be great. This was the case with the ‘You’d Have To Be Gaga To Tear Down Smithfield’ campaign created by Mischief PR. It earned a commendation in the Cause Related Marketing Strategy of The Year category.

The campaign was created to help people protest against the demolishing of the historical Smithfield Market. The protestors dressed up as Lady Gaga and held up signs like ‘Don’t rip the heart out of Smithfield.’ The campaign generated enough interest that the real Lady Gaga even retweeted some of the pictures.

This is the perfect example of how social media can vastly improve a campaign’s chances of success.

All of the campaigns cover different topics and use a variety of marketing methods, but they’re united by creativity and lasting appeal. We tip our hats to all of the agencies who were nominated at the Drums.