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Sim’s Work Experience

Hi, I’m Sim. I have recently undertaken some work experience at K2L Marketing. I study at the University of Sheffield and as the end of my final year came creeping up on me I entered a state of panic, as most students do, about what I was going to do after the best three years of my life were over…

After visiting multiple careers advisors at the University it became apparent to me that you wont know what to do if you’ve never tried it before- that’s why work experience is so important.

I came to K2L marketing and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. In this friendly and vibrant environment I was able to see how the things I have been learning in lectures apply to real life examples. During my time at K2L I have been involved in market research, studio briefs, meetings and have learnt about the different processes involved within the company, such as the CRM system; all of which have helped me gain confidence in these areas.

My time here has been really beneficial and K2L is a great company to be involved in!