#SingItKitty | Insights | K2L 


The new ‘Sing It Kitty’ advert from the mobile phone network 3 has really turned some heads, including ours at K2L.

Following on from last year’s dancing pony, 3 have hit a marketing home run with another dose of silliness. The advert involving a singing cat and young girl cycling around a small cul-de-sac singing Jefferson Airplanes ‘We Built This City’ has nothing to do with the services 3 provide but has got everyone talking.

Furthermore, the accompanying morphing competition ads an extra interactive dimension to the campaign, allowing people to upload their own photos and make their own video.

As an integrated marketing agency we can appreciate a well thought out and executed campaign and have to take our hats off to 3 on this one. Well done!

Watch the Video Here.