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The Baby
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The digital agency that will nurture your brand and grow your business

With so many brands wanting to attract attention, gain market share and create a positive noise to drive sales, just how can you stand out?

From cots and car seats to strollers and sleepers, K2L are the trusted digital marketing agency when it comes to increasing sales and brand exposure, giving your company the care and attention it needs. We’ve worked with businesses ranging from children’s furniture stores and children’s clothes to stroller manufacturers and everything in between. Increasing revenue, improving customer experience, and positioning them as the industry leaders.

  • Kids furniture
  • Baby & child products
  • Soft furnishings
  • Nursery furniture
  • Early years toys
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Baby & children

The trick is growing up without growing old

We’re here to help you get you the results you want, staying on top of current trends and broadcasting your products. Our track record of achievements in this sector, along with our customer-focused approach, means that the right decisions will be made to stimulate maturity and growth within your business. From marketing strategy, to web design to product photoshoots and online advertising, our team is here to make sure you have the guidance to reach your goals.

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Giving you the building blocks for a successful brand

We have decades of experience helping businesses to grow, develop and mature into industry leaders. Theres no other market like the baby and children market and that’s because over half a million new potential customers for your product are born every year. We design a marketing campaign that capitalises on this and in turn will help increase sales.

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