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The Benefits of Google Remarketing Ads

Targeting the Individual
Remarketing ads are an important tool as they target specific services or products to specific people based on their interest previously shown on your site. If a potential consumer added an item to their shopping cart or began filling in a form on your site and then for some reason abandoned it, the Remarketing ads allow your business to target that potential customer and attempt to draw them back to the site.

High Conversion Rates
The ultimate goal when it comes to remarketing ads in any industry is to engage the user in one way or another. From making an enquiry to placing a product purchase, you want some form of interaction with them. If you compare a new user with a user already familiar with your site and services, it is the latter who is more likely to continue to the next step to making an inquiry or buying that item.

Lower Cost Per Clicks
It’s not unusual for remarketing campaigns to have a higher click-through rate than regular PPC campaigns. As your target audience is already familiar with your service, the likelihood of the click on your ad is a lot higher. To get a conversion you have to get that initial click. Therefore the higher the click-through rate is, the better your chances are of improving your conversion rate.

Selecting the Right Sites
With remarketing ads, you are able to review how effectively the individual websites are doing at hosting your ads. From this you can see the click-through and conversion rate. If they are under-performing and the click-through rate is low compared to other websites which have fared better, you can remove your ads from that specific site and by only serving your ads on websites that have a good click-through rate, you can improve your overall return on investment.

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