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The Importance of PR in the Marketing Mix

Good public relations are vital for any company or business to be successful; it gives your company a voice and personality.

PR is essentially working to influence people’s perceptions to achieve your goals. It is about building relationships to help shape and develop a brand’s reputation. If the public associate you with positive emotions then they are more likely to come to you rather than a competitor.

Good PR is about giving people a reason to like your company. This comes not just from reputation, although this is inevitably a major factor, but it also comes from telling a good story, or even better, a feel-good story. Something such as giving back to the local community or donating to a charity is always newsworthy as it gives your customers and potential clients something to endear themselves to.

For your PR to be effective, it’s essential you ensure you reach your target audience. Therefore doing your research on the reading habits of your audience is essential before issuing a press release.

Public relations isn’t all about press releases however – it can be as simple as how an employee deals with a client. In our social media-obsessed world, the experience of a customer, be it good or bad, can be conveyed to millions of people with a few strokes of the keyboard. It’s therefore essential that you can trust your employees to act in an exemplary manner to reflect well on your business.

Having key company staff speaking at conferences or events is another great way at generating good publicity and media alerts whereby you notify the press of a conference of event you are holding is another way of generating good PR.

The more PR you do, the greater potential for media exposure. It’s an essential tool in the marketing mix to give you that edge and personality and comes relatively cheap when compared with other marketing methods such as advertising.

In conclusion, PR is one area of marketing which should never be ignored and every company can do, regardless of size. If you need any help with your PR requirements, our PR experts are here to help. Either give us a call or complete the form on the right!