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The Power of Social Media With Your Business

Social media is a relatively new concept and in the short time it’s been around it has already grasped millions of people and enabled the world to connect in a revolutionary way.
It’s all well and good to have fun tweeting your friends and tagging them in embarrassing pictures, but how can these platforms be used for businesses and how will it benefit them?

1. An Enormous Audience
It is estimated that 72% of all internet users are now active on Social media, and with over a billion Facebook profiles to date it almost seems foolish to ignore this ever-growing online world.

There is a wide range of people online from each and every corner of the earth therefore allowing you to easily target a vast amount of people at one time. On the other hand you could utilise the filters that many Social media sites provide allowing you to target a more specific audience usually based on their sex, age or location.

2. Easy On Your wallet
Not only is social media becoming increasingly compatible with businesses, but the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now allow you to ‘create a page’ for your business in minutes and more importantly… it’s FREE! With a potential audience of millions and with no direct cost, it’s definitely a marketing tool to use to your advantage.

Of course there’s always an option to expand your exposure online through paying for specific services such as a ‘Promotion’ on Facebook but this is optional and a business can function perfectly well on Social media sites as long as the content is interesting and regular.

3. Endless Possibilities
One of the major draws to Social media sites is the ever-changing content and ability to keep up with all of the latest trends in real-time.

This can hugely benefit your business as you are able utilise the popular trends at the time to coincide with your content. This may be harder for some businesses compared to others but you can always find a way to make it work whilst still appearing professional.

4. Only Going Up
Social media is growing rapidly and we are still only in the early stages. As social media flourishes, your business will too. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight and so it is almost a necessity for your business to have some form on online presence.

Who knows what the future holds?

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