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The Three Best Brand Campaigns of 2014 (in my opinion)

Choosing 3 of the best campaigns from 2014 so far is a hard task, but I managed to whittle it down, eventually…

Cadbury, well known for their “gorilla advert” and “eyebrows advert”, have done it again with their new “Moments of Joy” campaign. It celebrates the spontaneous moment of joy you receive from the chocolate bar. The campaign began with the following TV advert, based in an office, where the manager simply cannot control himself and boogies around the office:

The campaign carried on to promote their new Ritz and Lu bars, with an advert based in an airport, where the Passport Control Officer dances around the airport after eating his chocolate bar:

To continue their promotion of the Ritz and Lu bars, Cadbury encouraged online fans to take office selfies and to use the hashtag #FreeTheJoy on Twitter. Cadbury also shared a series of adverts that played out office situations with the use of the chocolate bar.

Most recently, Cadbury, carrying on their “Moments of Joy” campaign, revealed an augmented reality campaign in Waterloo station. The stunt used a digital screen in the station, which showed 3D models of “chocolate joy” above the heads of commuters, which they then had to catch to win.

Next up, Nike launched their “Risk Everything” campaign in April. The ads focused around the lives of Ronaldo, Neymar and Rooney, and the pressure they have to cope with as the nation watches them. The ads aimed to show that, despite the amount of pressure on the players, they still succeed through their ability to risk everything.

The second ad for the campaign starts with groups of teens challenging each other to a game of “winner stays on”. The teens choose a footballer that they want to be, and one by one they magically turn into them. The small game in a park becomes a huge game in a stadium, with dramatic and amusing moments.

Nike then went on to create an amazing, five-minute animated ad for the 2014 World Cup, entitled “The Last Game”. Here, world-renowned footballers show a story about risky football versus safe football:

Finally, I chose Peroni’s “Storie Di Stile” campaign, which reveals the authentic story behind Peroni Nastro Azzuro. The story looks into the past, in order to capture moments that created the brand. The ad is shot beautifully, which places the brand on a pedestal and promotes the quality of their product.

The campaign is the latest in a range of adverts that have embraced the unique Italian outlook of the brand, serving to promote its rich Italian heritage. This particular campaign offered the perfect opportunity to celebrate Peroni’s 50th anniversary.