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The Training Has Started… And There’s Nowhere To Run.

So the training has started here at K2L for BUPA’s 10th annual Great Manchester 10k Run, and, with only 34 days to go till the big day, panic is starting to set in.

Digging out the dirty trainers that haven’t been worn since 1999 and the old short shorts with inner lining that now seems to have perished was my first port of call. For others it has been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to our training methods, Tom still thinks he’s going to run it in his Vans and skinny jeans. Others have taken to it like ducks to water and gone all out and bought the whole outfit, Sarah now has a nifty pair of pink Nike’s. Al is the techy, monitoring his every move via GPS through various different apps and wearing the best clothing that sports science has to offer. Me, I prefer the Rocky IV approach, running up mountains, bench pressing any goats that stand in my way in a set of grey sweats.

More updates will follow up until the day itself so keep checking back for more news. Until then, please check our JustGiving page, and if you can help sponsor us with whatever funds you may have available, it’s for a fantastic cause, St Anns’s Hospice.