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We Become Escape Artists For An Evening At Manchester’s Breakout

Puzzle solving, daring escapes and bragging rights were all on show when we went to Breakout Manchester on Thursday. Breakout involves a series of rooms with different storylines in which people are locked inside for 60 minutes. The aim is to solve puzzles within the time limit and escape the room as quickly as you can. After fuelling our brains with a delicious meal of hotdogs and pizzas at http://www.dogsndough.com/ we split into three teams and took on Madchester, Virus and Sabotage.

Madchester was the place of a Manchester time warp, in which Director Lynda tried her luck alongside Account Manager Warren, Marketing Apprentice Sam and Junior Web Editor Mark. In the Virus Room Content Manager Adam, Head Designer Pete, Junior Copywriter Jamie and Web Developer Aleks needed to find a cure to save humanity. Director Scott, Account Executive Aislinn, Digital Designer Carrie and Office Manager Hayley had to get behind enemy lines and stop a missile strike in Sabotage.

Each room presented their own set of mind boggling challenges and perplexing puzzles, with each team determined to apply our motto of ‘Strategy + Creativity’ to breaking out. A fair share of red herrings kept everyone guessing, making the experience all the more exciting.

Just when it seemed like no one was going to break out the Virus team managed to unlock the door with two minutes to spare. Saving the world came with no shortage of high fives between Pete, Adam, Aleks and Jamie. Bragging rights were earned when everyone came back together for a group photo holding up cards that either said ‘I broke out’ or ‘I nearly broke out.’

Breakout was an incredible night with teamwork playing a big role. We all plan on breaking out next time in the true meaning of team spirit.