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We Diversify With Lancashire Home Life Services

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Lancashire Home Life Services, a multi-faceted service ranging from home improvement to gardening help. As a one stop shop providing a range of home maintenance services, LHS has a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen who work around the clock to help businesses across Preston and the rest of Lancashire.

From helping estate agents get houses ready for sale by doing safety checks and repairs, to helping home owners with garden maintenance, the range of services by LHS is truly impressive.

We were called upon to design and build a website to showcase their extensive services. With such a vast range of services on offer, the challenge was to create the website in a way so that customers can easily navigate it and find exactly what they’re looking for. We stepped up to the plate and created a clean, crisp and user friendly website.

The site is filled with valuable information about landscaping, computer repairs, MOTs and servicing, and more, with each section offering a clear guide to what customers can expect when they hire Lancashire Home Life Services.

As an integrated marketing agency we specialise in variety, from branding to strategic marketing, so it was a pleasure to be able to partner with a company with an equally diverse offering.

Be sure to watch this space for further updates.