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We Get Coloured Happy at the Color Run Manchester

We Get Coloured Happy at the Manchester Colour Run

On Sunday we got our running shoes on for Manchester’s happiest 5K run – The Color Run. The event saw 10,000 people flock to the Etihad Stadium at Sports City to run the course while getting brightly coloured paint thrown at them. Plus, it’s all for a great cause as the money raised from the entry fees goes to the NSPCC.
Mark, Adam, Scott, Warren and Maria got kitted out in their crisp, white Colour Run T-shirts, headbands and glitter face paint and got involved. The sun was shining and there was a fun and friendly atmosphere throughout the grounds as people of all ages made their way to the start line, where there was music playing and a hyperactive Master of Ceremonies getting the crowd pumped up and throwing freebies into the crowd.
There was also quite a cheer from the ladies as they saw ‘Angel Man’, a rather brave bloke who had turned up to run the course wearing nothing more than a pair of ‘tighty whities’ and a pair of angel wings.

And then, with a count down from 10, we were off. An overzealous sprint at the start slowed to a nice relaxing jog as the team made their way round the course, making their way through the various colour points as they went. Yellow, blue, pink and finally orange, the white T-shirts becoming more and more multi-coloured with each splattering of powder paint.

That is except for Maria, who somehow managed to make it round the course looking cleaner than when she set off. The rest of the team made sure they fixed that by covering her in green paint once she crossed the finish line.
After the run, we made our way to Castlelfield to enjoy the sun in The Wharf’s beer garden, and it was good to see that plenty of other people had the same idea as we were joined by many other fellow ‘Colour Runners’ who were covered from head to toe in paint.

As a creative marketing agency in Manchester, we love to get involved in fun events such as The Colour Run when they come to town. Although admittedly a couple of members of the team started the day fighting off Saturday night’s hangovers, it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and we can’t wait to do it again next year!