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Welcome to our New SEO Specialist Mark!

This year has been an exciting period of growth for us, as we’ve added new clients to our portfolio and new team members to our line-up. The latest person to join the K2L flock is Mark Weller, who joins us as our SEO Specialist.

He is in charge of conducting SEO orientated research such as keyword analysis and using this research to formulate strategies in order to help our clients improve their search engine rankings. Someone with his skills is certainly a valuable asset for a digital marketing agency like us.

Prior to joining K2L, Mark studied at The University of Salford and has previously worked for the BBC and in a freelance capacity as a Sound & Video engineer for live events. He even once toured with Neil Buchannan. Most people (of a certain age at least) will know him from the hit TV show Art Attack, but he also plays in an 80s style hard rock band. According to Mark though, “it was a laugh but you should never EVER meet your childhood heroes!”

As well as a background in sound, video and touring with children’s TV stars, he also spent time as a web developer, which is when he turned his hand to SEO. As for choosing a career in SEO, Mark puts it down to the ever-changing world of Search Engine Marketing combined with his love of learning new skills. As he puts it; “I enjoy a job which is different every day and where I am constantly learning. There are new developments in SEO almost on a daily basis, so it gives me the perfect opportunity to constantly keep learning!”

As well as music, Mark’s other major hobby is playing computer games, especially Counter Strike, which he’s so good at he actually plays in tournaments for money. It’s not surprising he’s so good when you consider he has been known to ‘train’ for up to 8 hours a day. That is at least when Carrie – our Digital Designer who also happens to be Mark’s girlfriend – lets him.