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Why We Can Win The World Cup Bid

At 3pm today we discover the winners of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids.

England have sent in a crack team of famous faces at the last minute, to sway the voters. The three kings, as they are now known (one of whom is an actual, proper future King of England), have been working through the night to convince FIFA that we’re the ones for the job.

Among them are the two Davids – Beckham and Cameron. But it’s another David that will win us the bid.

Former Arsenal Vice Chairman, David Dein, to be precise. You see, for the last nine months he’s been working tirelessly and silently behind the scenes, banging the drum for England.

He’s clocked up 191,369 miles. He’s visited a whopping 27 countries. And he’s spent a total of 414 hours in the air.

So if anyone deserves the plaudits, or a knighthood, or even just a nice holiday should we win the bid, it’s definitely him.

Oh, and we’ll also win because our slogan – England United, the World Invited – is loads cleverer than everyone elses.

Good luck, England!