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3 Award Nominations – ‘Does that sit right with you?’

A year ago, we asked the question: “Does that sit right with you?” as part of a Domestic Abuse Campaign for Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commission. 12 months on, we are fortunate that it has been rewarded with three nominations for this November’s Northern Marketing Awards.

The NMAs reward the most unique and effective marketing campaigns in the north so it’s a real honour that our #SittingRightWithYou campaign is among those to be praised in the shortlist.

For those that haven’t seen it, the principle behind our yellow sofa was simple: to encourage people to speak more openly about domestic abuse, not only physical violence in the home, but also incidents of verbal abuse, intimidation, control and humiliation from a partner. It doesn’t focus on any one demographic either, so everybody can feel like the campaign is there for them.

At first, the sofa probably looks more like an art installation than a communication channel for Domestic Abuse, especially when its out and about in public places. Its only once its caught your attention, that the inviting, brightly coloured piece of furniture delivers some thought provoking and factual messages.

If you’re wondering how the sofa actually delivers the messages – that’s simple, the Sofa Talks. (We all need a talking sofa in our lives)

It was designed to shout abuse to passers by. Have a listen to what it had to say when it visited Manchester Arndale Centre.


We’re really pleased with the response by the public and the industry. The awards are great, but, more importantly, being involved in another successful campaign is what we come to work for.

Does it sit right with you? The success the campaign has with us!