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Keep Them Engaged

It’s one thing getting your customers attention. It’s another keeping them engaged. It’s not about blasting out emails every time your business launches a new product or is it about sharing every news article you see. It’s about adding value.

We create email marketing campaigns that hook prospects or customers with dynamic, storytelling email content. Powerful subject lines. Polished email designs. Personalised content. This is how you keep prospects and customers engaged. This is what we do.


Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

Brand Awareness

Drive traffic to
your Website

Target the
Right customers

Engage with new
& existing audiences

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy where businesses send emails to prospects and customers to promote brand awareness and build long-term relationships. When done right, email marketing adds a great deal of value to your brand, converting prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates.

Supercharge your marketing by connecting directly with prospects and Customers. Inspire, communicate, share, and scale personalised content. Engage customers. Drive traffic to your website. Increase leads and sales.


We can automate your email marketing, making sure that your emails reach the right people – at the right time. Target prospects and customers based on their behaviour, preferences, activity, and interests. Personalise your content. Improve customer retention.

Achieve unrivalled click through rates – 119% higher than standard email marketing campaigns.

Platforms & Partners

We tailor an email marketing campaign to your business. From email design to content TOV, we make sure that your campaign stands out from the glut of emails your prospects and customers receive. We can run a well-thought-out email marketing campaign, influencing hundreds or thousands of prospects with Mailchimp. Get full customisation of your campaign with HubSpot. Use Salesforce Pardot to track and measure the effectiveness of targeted campaigns. Automate email messaging with Campaign Monitor.

Brands we’ve scaled


Delivering Results

We believe in transparency and that your budgets can do much further with K2L. Supercharging should be done without overcharging, so you get the maximum return.

All of your digital activity is tracked in your personal live performance dashboard, clearly showing breakdowns of results.


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