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Branding is more than a catchy strapline and a nicely designed logo. Branding connects with customers on an emotional level. Branding inspires employees, giving them direction, purpose, and motivation. Branding is psychology, creativity, and communication. Branding is a promise.

We are creative. Bold. We are Brave. Imaginative. We are honest. Energetic. This is how we work throughout the brand development process. Ideas are discussed. Decisions made. Actions taken.

We collaborate. To build your brand.

Brand development

How We Work

We work with you to help you develop your brand. From the discovery meeting to ideas workshop, creative design to execution of all branding, online and print collateral, each stage of the brand development process has its own set of clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes.

Brand creation

We can create a wholly new brand that all prospects and customers will buy into. Change your identity and supercharge brand awareness. Define your business with a memorable name, fresh strapline, and engaging content. Dare to be different. Boost awareness with a swipe file or print portfolio of brand collateral. Define your mission statement, establish a content TOV, implement content guidelines and much, much more

Their approach to creativity, with a focus on commercial results, was exactly what we were looking for. They helped us achieve the standout we desired and the incredible results speak for themselves.
Cart Time

Matt KayManaging Director, Cartime

Brands we’ve created


Delivering Results

We believe in transparency and that your budgets can go much further with K2L. Supercharging should be done without overcharging, so you get the maximum return.

Your brand development will be completed in-line with any planned roll-out of all new online and offline marketing, allowing you to plan any additional marketing activities.


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