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Dare to be
life is full of
the ordinary

Boring Isn’t An Option

We’re living in a world that’s overcrowded with products and so many brands all competing for attention. Consumers are bombarded everyday with new opportunities to purchase. We feel it’s all becoming a little soulless.

At K2L we believe in creating standout and helping ambitious brands get noticed. We champion the innovators, challengers and dreamers, creating brands that people not only buy - but buy into.

We say it’s what we do. Others say we

Create something
you can't ignore

you can't

Our Approach

At K2L our approach is a little different. We use something we call the SYCI Approach™, which is the cornerstone of our business. It is designed to ensure brand standout and impact at every stage of the client journey. Implemented across 3 distinct phases it helps your brand achieve objectives and dominate the market; Differentiation, Experiences and Growth.

Our goal is to create Something You Can’t Ignore at each and every touchpoint, helping brands accelerate growth in competitive markets.

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In a world of sameness, don’t just be another. Aim to achieve standout
and recognition that will put you head and shoulders above the rest.


Brands not only to buy – but to buy into. Build emotion in your brand & create
experiences for consumers to not only engage with, but to share & remember.


Innovators, challengers and dreamers, with the right approach can defy the odds,
bring big competitors down a peg or two and redefine how we all live, work and play.

How we do it


  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Web Development
  • Brand Collateral


  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Brand Experience
  • Online Experience
  • Instore Experience
  • Brand Management


  • Strategy & Planning
  • ROI Management
  • Performance Tracking

Who we do it for

We help ambitious brands get noticed. We champion the innovators, challengers and dreamers.


Northern Marketing Awards 2017 RAR+ Top 100 Winners Prolific North Awards 2014 The Drum Network Awards 2014 Winner


Find us at
8 Quays Reach
Carolina Way
Salford Quays
M50 2ZY

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0161 464 4699

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Want to create something
that can't be ignored?

Want to create
something that
can't be ignored?

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