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Engage Your Audiences

Facebook ads are how you engage with and influence prospects and customers than can help you to grow your business – and with 2.8 billion active monthly users, that’s a lot of people you can influence.

To influence audiences on Facebook you need to be bold. Brave. You need to be honest, imaginative. You need to be creative, ambitious. You need a strong presence – something that you can’t ignore. This is precisely what our Facebook advertising is.


Why Do You Need Facebook Advertising?

brand awareness

Drive traffic to
your website

Support your
content marketing

Engage with new
& existing audiences

conversion rate

Gain insight on
your customers

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads allow businesses to target and influence their prospects and customers when they’re using the platform. Ads can target users based on varying attributes. Location. Age. Gender. Income. Marital status. Interests. Facebook offers tons of different options, allowing businesses to appeal to their ideal customers.

Choose from a range of different ads and customise the experience for your prospects and customers. Drive traffic to your website with a simple, static, yet enticing image ad. Demonstrate how your product or service works with a video ad. Get to know your prospects and customers better with a poll ad. Create slideshows and carousels to draw attention to who you are and what you do. The choice is yours!

Facebook Remarketing

We can create Facebook remarketing campaigns that help you to engage with new audiences, increase conversion rates and gain vital insight into your customers. Create custom audiences and promote who you are and what you do to them as they browse the world’s largest social media platform.

We can define the type of audience you want to influence. Build a list with full contact details of the prospects and customers to grow your business. Help you to gain insight into people who have visited your website and the pages they have engaged with. Tell you what actions people take when they use your apps.


We can conceptualise and run Facebook ad campaigns that are original. Impactful. Bold. Powerful. A Facebook ad campaign that’s rich in creativity – one that your target demographic will instantly recognise. One that instils trust. Authority. A campaign that expresses your values. Message. USPs. Something you can’t ignore.

We can create new, fresh concepts that build your brand persona across Facebook. We will craft impactful Facebook ad designs. Appeal to varying demographics. Write compelling ad copy. Experiment with CTAs and buttons. Split test ideas. Promote your values, sales, special offers and so much more – at all stages of the sales funnel.

Platforms & Partners

We tailor a Facebook ad campaign to who you are, what you’re all about and what you want to promote. Build your brand awareness on Facebook. Promote your products and services on Instagram. As a Facebook Blueprint and Marketing Partner, we have obvious expertise in leveraging the platform to help businesses to supercharge their brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, increase conversion rates and much, much more.


advertising results

Social Media Advertising Projects


We can conceptualise and run Instagram advertising campaigns that boost your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and turn customers into brand advocates – helping your business to reach the 1 billion Instagram users.

Take advantage of the unlimited marketing potential of Instagram’s huge and diverse community. Target customers based on Facebook’s user data. Set your budget and scale campaigns. Integrate Shopify and sell your products instantly. Leverage metrics like customer awareness and website traffic to track campaign performance. Build a brand that people engage with on a daily basis. Learn more about your customers. Grow your business.


Delivering Results

We believe in transparency and that your budgets can do much further with K2L. Supercharging should be done without overcharging, so you get the maximum return.

All of your Facebook advertising is tracked in your personal live performance dashboard, clearly showing breakdowns of results, with vital statistics like your CPC (cost per click) along with your ROI.


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