Attack of the Killer Goat! | K2L Marketing

Attack of the Killer Goat!

There’s been some spooky goings on in the K2L office, as All Hallow’s Eve draws ever closer. It’s been a slightly awkward journey to work today (particularly for those on the Metrolink!) as we got creative to celebrate the scary season. We’re a digital marketing agency that doesn’t do things by halves, as you can see from our Friday Fright Fest!

Quite a creepy crowd has shown up, but fortunately they all seem to be knuckling down to do what we do best; providing the businesses of Manchester with successful integrated marketing services. We’ve got wolves, witches, bats and ghouls and guess who’s taken a day off from the kitchen – none other than Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

We’ve even had one poor soul attend an interview for one of our account manager vacancies this morning – Goodness knows what he thought being interviewed by a wicked witch and a skeleton!

With a pirate, a penguin and a pooch-turned-pumpkin, there’s even been a cameo from Mr. Jack Skellington himself. But before we crack on with our tasks, somebody really does need to take care of the killer goat that’s on the loose – and possibly patch up Pete’s head!

Happy Halloween!