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Brands Not Only to Buy – But Buy Into

Brands Not Only To Buy – But Buy Into

People don’t buy into products insomuch as they buy into brands and the experiences they have with them. A business with a compelling brand ethos – one that appeals to people on an emotional level will achieve great success.

In today’s marketing landscape, creating an experience and making that emotional connection has never been more important. Why? Every single day, customers are faced with vast choice. How can brands elevate themselves above every other business vying for the attention of their customers? By knowing who they are and what they’re all about, who their customers are, and, most importantly, what they can offer.

This is a key determiner in a customer’s decision to buy. Why? When brands create a customer-centric experience that’s executed consistently across multiple touchpoints, customers become immersed in the brand.

Use intelligent touchpoints to help customers to understand the identity of the brand and how it can help them, businesses put themselves on the fast track to sustained commercial growth. Do this and your customers will feel like their emotional and buying needs are being met, that their choice and loyalty is valued, and that they’re welcome back any time to enjoy the same experience.

But what about the price? Brand recognition? Reputation? Gender? Economic status? The list could go on, with each identifier influencing people’s decision to buy into a brand. Well, knowing each is important but there’s simply no substitute for that emotional connection.

Big brands know and have nailed this. Just look at Tiffany & Co. They sell an experience. It’s not just about buying an engagement ring for your partner, it’s about the whole experience. Customers are enchanted from the first moment that they step into a store to the moment they leave. Heart’s race, excitement grows and happiness swells as they browse a selection of exquisite rings, realising that this moment is likely to be the single most important one of their lives.

People want personal, emotional experiences. They want to connect. They want to feel valued, important and to be a part of something. They want to be engaged and rewarded. They want to share. They want to succeed.

This is what K2L believe. We build brands not only to buy from but to buy into.