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Brands to Remember

Brands to Remember

‘When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable’ – Meg Whitman

You only need to browse online for a few moments, and you’ll notice that today there are more brands, more products, more alternatives, more imitators than ever before. So, what do businesses have to do to be successful? Narrow choice, giving consumers only one option – them.

How businesses position themselves is central to building that distinguishable reputation. Stand out from the crowd and businesses will differentiate themselves from their competitors and, more importantly, create a memorable brand identity.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to align several key factors, including:

  • Understanding values and how to communicate them
  • Insight into customer demographics and how to appeal to personas
  • Knowing who your competition is and how to differentiate yourself from them

Get this right and you’ll maximise your influence. You’ll be memorable. You’ll be different. You’ll stand out. You won’t just be another.

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB is a business that has used this approach to great effect. How? They did something unique. Realising that going head-to-head with Gillette would mean stacking the deck against them, they decided to offer customers an alternative: cheaper shaving products delivered right to customers’ doors.

With three monthly membership plans which can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB offers customers flexibility and affordability when they buy their premium shaving products. Coupled with a strong brand identity, DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB grew to be a resounding success and today has 3.2 million members worldwide.

What can we learn from DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB? With a little creativity and a unique approach whilst knowing how to appeal to target demographics, businesses give customers only one option – them.

In a world of sameness, don’t just be another. Have a vision. Know who you are. And what you’re not. Play your strengths. Offer a unique proposition. Believe in yourself. Believe in your products and services. And show customers something they want.

K2L champions that value of differentiation. We help clients to maximise their potential with unique positioning to become not just another.