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Cue The Dramatic Training Montage…

And so, the training begins…

Unless you’ve been living under a Rocky (geddit?), you would have heard last week about our upcoming arm-wrestle challenge… Against none other than rugby superstar and Salford City Reds legend, Adrian Morley.

It was a dark day that saw us reach into a hat (ok, a cereal bowl) to select Team K2L’s contender. Unfortunately for Jonny, his name was drawn – he’ll soon be facing the mighty Morley in a show of sheer, brute strength… An arm-wrestle to the death!

Carrot, kale and crazy determination

Ever since then, it’s been non-stop training for the courageous kid. We actually caught most of it on camera, then managed to catch Jonny himself in between burpees, crunches, and carrot and kale smoothies, for a quick five-minute chat.

He said: “I gotta admit – I was pretty terrified when I saw my name appear out the bowl. But, I’ve put the work in with some seriously hefty training – and I’m pumped and ready. These 4am starts will all be worth it when I face up to the wrath of Adrian Morley. If you’re reading this Big Man… You’re going down!”

That’s certainly some fighting talk from our plucky challenger. We’ll be posting the battle on our site and on social – so keep your eyes peeled to see if we’ve got a winner on our hands.

Time for a training montage?