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Does mindfulness make good marketing?

Does mindfulness make good marketing?

We like a good pint here at K2L.

And, classy people that we are, we think a good pint should be enjoyed and nurtured, not downed in an unsophisticated (whisper it: ENGLISH) fashion.

Seems Belgian lager brand Stella Artois agrees, and brewer AB InBev is all too happy to demonstrate as much, with the newest addition to its Joie de Bièré’ campaign, featuring the fantastic Luke Evans.

‘Joie de Bièré’ is a campaign that is all about taking time out – it is centred around being present and enjoying the moment. And what better way to do this, than to spend a quality 20 minutes sipping a cool pint of Stella – in this case guided by the dulcet tones of Evans, who narrates the process in an audio guide entitled StellaSpace (available on the Inspace app on ITunes, in case you fancy it).

20 minutes is the optimal time needed to truly appreciate the full flavour of the lager, according to Stella’s Master Cicerone Max Bakker, and Evans talks through the benefits of slowing down and savouring things really well in the tongue in cheek recording.

Evans’s audio is just one element of the campaign, which was launched earlier this year and is based in and around fictitious Le Village, in which modern day distractions and hassles are removed. Not in real life of course, as mainstream TV, digital channels, pop up ads, billboards and social media have all brought the campaign together – and there are now also a number of apps, studios and books offered through a range of channels to help you live in the moment.

It’s the latest tactic in a well thought out programme of activity, which does a really good job in getting consumers to take time out to concentrate on themselves in and, of course, in the product – very difficult to do in this distraction filled world and of course the ultimate aim of AB InBev. And how clever, to be able to get 20 minutes of your audience’s undivided attention in this latest addition to the campaign, all the while encouraging people to be more face to face and genuine in real life.

We love the campaign’s take on Joie de Vivre. It fits with the brand, suits the product and has just the right amount of humour sitting alongside the underlying feelgood (and frankly quite important) message.

Jumping on the bandwagon, I hear you cry? Ironic? Nah. Mindfulness never tasted so good.