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This Girl Can… Anyone Can

This Girl Can isn’t about Olympians or athletic finesse. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about motivating real women and girls to get active, play sport, and believe in themselves. It’s about that Can attitude.
Funded by the National Lottery and developed by Sport England, This Girl Can has already spurred 2.8 million girls and women to take the decision to change their lives.
There’s no better time for girls and women to take part and change those old habits for fresh, exciting and energetic new ones. There are 1.7 million fewer women playing sport than men, and it’s time to change that!

Inspiring Girls

Let’s face it, most of us recoil at the thought of stepping onto a treadmill for the first time, balancing gingerly as it whirls into action before pounding the conveyor belt for twenty straight minutes. But, if 2.8 million women can, everyone can.
This Girl Can and Sport England have invested heavily in promoting the movement. Manchester is home to a wealth of inspiring This Girl Can billboards dotted around the city. These billboards encourage everyone to take part with their simple, yet compelling designs. Inspirational slogans like, ‘I’m slow but I’m lapping everyone on the couch’ accompany real women grabbing onlooker’s attention and piquing curiosity.
This Girl Can has also taken its message to our television screens. The movement has created compelling TV adverts to engage and inspire women; inspirational women that have discovered they have the power within themselves to tackle any challenge and achieve their goals.

Motivating Girls

From ballet to boxing, handball to horse riding, scuba diving to softball, there really are no limits on what a girl can do. This girl Can empower women and girls to try something new or re-discover something they once loved before life, so inconveniently, got in the way.
Join a class or get involved at your local leisure centre or sports club and start the journey to finding out what you can do!

Connecting Girls

Thanks to This Girl Can, communities have sprung up across the Internet where like-minded women and girls across the UK meet, share their stories, and encourage one another.
Engaging with friends undertaking their own journey is easy with social media. This Girl Can’s 400,000-strong community uses Facebook Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the achievements of participants across the UK. The #thisgirlcan hashtag has already been tweeted more than 660,000 times by women who have faced their fears and marked their achievements. More than 37 million people have watched the 90-second short motivational film on Facebook and Youtube. The word is spreading.
Check out the Your Stories page of the This Girl Can website. These case studies show how fears have been conquered, true capabilities uncovered, and how a This Girl Can attitude can improve your life.

We are a strong supporter of the This Girl Can movement. We believe that opportunities are there to be taken. The CAN-do spirit is embedded in our DNA, and is the reason for our continued success.