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Growing a Family Destination

Growing a Family Destination

We’ve been delivering a few brand workshops over the last couple of months, and the latest we had the pleasure of holding was with Bents Garden & Home, one of the largest Garden Centres in the country.

For a drop of inspiration, we took ourselves off to the innovative Vimto offices, for a day designed to explore the Bents Brand and current Brand Positioning.

Photograph of the brand workshop

As a leading UK Garden Centre; with regular events, activities and more to offer than plants and water-features, Bents wanted to explore what makes the best local attractions and most enjoyable day’s out, for all ages.

Company management, marketing heads, and the Bents Family, owners since 1937, were involved. We wanted to develop the essence of what makes the Bents ‘Experience’ unlike anything around.

Old Vimto bottles and cans

Discussions took place, opinions were challenged and the Vimto flowed like wine (obviously). There were loads of interesting points raised and dialogue exchanged to help bring the team inline and help make plans for the future.

The overall outcome was a team with a shared direction, clearer brand messages and a strong platform to begin developing how key messages can be shown to focused target markets.

Vimto bottles and the K2L logo on a TV screen

As well as being part of a really enjoyable phase of the Bents journey and a pleasure to be part of the growing family brand, it was a great session to really understand the company vision of the owners, the challenges faced and direction for the marketing teams to get their teeth stuck into.