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Hopper’s Dropping Some Bouncin’ Beats at Key 103

A few months ago we told you all about the latest addition to the K2L team – our Client Liaison Executive, Dennis Hopper.

Dennis has been bouncing around the Manchester area, visiting various local businesses and learning all about their exciting products and processes. As part of our latest marketing campaign, he’s been spreading the K2L word and brightening any dull day with his big, round, smiley face.

His latest stop has been Key 103’s offices down at Manchester’s Castlefield Locks. They were even kind enough to tweet us a photo – here you can see him hard at work, most likely mixing tunes and adding songs to the playlist. His favourite artists are Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Nas… What can we say, D-Man loves his hip-hop!

We’ve had word from young Dennis and he’s having a ball (quite literally, as he’s a space hopper). We knew he’d have a great time at Key 103 Towers and it seems we were right. Not only that, he’s been lucky enough to learn all that goes on behind the scenes at the station.

If you’re a business who thinks you could teach Dennis a thing or two about your services, or if you just fancy meeting the little fella, you can still get involved with our latest marketing campaign – just contact us here. We’re a digital marketing agency that likes to do things a little differently – if you do too, Dennis would jump at the chance to meet your team.