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Devil in the detail

Devil in the detail

Or in other words – how we made sure Rugby Came Home for Salford.

Halloween is reminding us that the devil’s in the detail – and when we executed this campaign for Salford Red Devils this was very true, as we brought the original Red Devils back to the forefront of fans minds along with the crowds.

It was 2013 and Salford Reds had been purchased by Dr Marwan Koukash, who had a dream of resurrecting the team.

The challenge? To get more fans interested in attending matches and the return of the Salford Red Devils. The detail? Ten days to do it! We knew we could tackle this though and convert it into a win for the club.

Red Devilution banner image

The team lined up together to dig deep. Our strategy – which we turned around immediately – was to create a campaign that captured the spirit of what Dr Koukash was trying to achieve whilst giving the fans something they could really get behind and feel a part of.

The Red Devilution was born. We ‘devilised’ the star players and put them at the centre of the marketing. The heart of the campaign however, was the fans who were involved at every level – the key was to make them feel passionate about their local team and give them a sense of pride and belonging to something new and exciting.

It was the Dawn of a New Era as we asked them to join The Red Devilution…

And they did! There were Over 20,000 fans at the first three home games of the Season, the campaign generated over 130 pieces of broadcast media coverage, a Social Media reach increase of over 13,000, a merchandise sales increase of 400% and Season Ticket sales increased by 300%.

A resounding win, you might say. We were hell-bent on success!