Web Design: How to Build a Great eCommerce Site

Ecommerce Explosion

If you’re entering the big wide world of eCommerce, listen up. There are many tools that you can arm yourself with to give your business the best possible chance of success. If your online shop is going to stand out, there are a few vital features you’ll need to include in the build of your site, right through from initial concept, to web design, to the finished result.

There are almost 64million people living in Britain, and 82% of our residents are online. That’s a pretty hefty market to tap into – plus, we’re building sites for the world wide web. Get your eCommerce web design right, and your online shop could be flooded by consumers from all over the globe.

Surprising eCommerce statistics, plus all-important tips for the build

In our handy infographic, we’ve identified some of the most surprising statistics surrounding eCommerce web design. We’ve also revealed (more than) a few of the fundamental elements your website needs to include, as well as several insider-tips for the build.

More and more consumers are choosing to shop online; because it’s cheaper, more convenient and they can avoid the crowds. But did you know that users expect your website to load in under two seconds? Once it’s loaded, they’ll pass judgment on your site within 50 milliseconds – so yes, first impressions most definitely count when it comes to eCommerce. But how to do you make the best possible first impression? Well, it’s all in the web design – and that’s where we can help.

Want to open up your shop doors to the world?

If you’re ready to open your shop doors to the entire world, then a clean, contemporary eCommerce website is the way to go. If you don’t really know where to start give our web design experts a call. They’re pros in all-things-eCommerce, and therefore can point you in the right direction, no problem.