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It’s cartime and you know it!

It’s cartime and you know it!

The whole of greater Manchester seems to be one giant traffic jam at the minute, – so what better time to freshen up the radio airwaves for one of our favourite motoring clients?

We’ve just launched a new campaign for cartime, the used car dealership in Bury, which aims to raise the company’s profile to its audience across the region, through various creative executions around the theme of ‘It’s cartime and you know it’ (you’ll be singing that all day now – you’re welcome).

You’ll be hearing the first of the radio ads across Greater Manchester, delighting the eardrums of listeners, based on the LMFAO ‘classic’ Sexy And I Know It!

We’ve worked with cartime for a fair few years now, promoting the brand, their profile, the charity work and the range of fantastic offers the company regularly sets up.

This latest foray into the fantastic world of cartime is sure to hit the audience that counts – car drivers!

It’s the start of a really fun campaign with more to come, and we can’t wait to get going.

Even if most of the traffic around Manchester isn’t.