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K2L Studio Makeover

K2L Studio Makeover

Our new studio renovation and makeover is finally near completion!

You may have recently seen that we’ve moved into new offices. With a great space, in a super location, close by to Media City and amenities, there’s only one thing that it’s been missing – A touch of K2L magic.

While everyone’s been in lockdown, it’s been the perfect time to get the builders in and make our new home, home from home! The 4,000 sq ft space has been totally redesigned, for our creative team and clients, encouraging a fantastic, inspirational space, as well as healthier work-life environment, for us all to enjoy.

The new building has been an exciting development for us – and as it’s the first time we’ve ever owned our own building, we wanted to shape it in a way that would best serve our team and ethos. With more space, the premises allow us the capacity to expand and offer the possibility of partnering with other like-minded enterprises.

Previously we were based in rented property on Exchange Quay, Salford Quays, where we’d been for the last 10 years.

Recent events have reinforced the importance of creating a positive space. Our vision was an environment that sparks creativity, promotes collaboration, and one that encourages a positive mindset.

To help pave the way for the next 10 years we knew the building had to become more than just offices or studio space. Providing a place that has a focus on wellbeing and working with partners that reflect that.

It’s feels like it’s been a long wait, but the place is looking superb. We can’t wait to all be together and invite everyone to visit.