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Meet Dennis Hopper

You may have heard about our new Client Liaison Executive, Dennis Hopper. You may have even met him. Trust us, you’d remember his bouncy personality, his winning smile and, of course, the fact that he is a bright orange space hopper.

He first came into our office a few months ago and he brightened up the place from the day he first arrived. After showing him the ropes and teaching him the ins and outs of an Integrated Marketing Agency we decided to send him on a mission. Of course he jumped at the chance.

We’ve sent Dennis Hopper to go spend time undergoing work experience with some great businesses in Manchester and the North West, businesses who we thought might benefit from having him around.

Judging from some of the tweets we’ve received he seems to have been a big hit with his new colleagues thanks to his ‘can-do’ attitude and his talent for brightening up any office he’s in.

It’s fair to say that so far Dennis’ mission has been a successful one. He’s learned a lot about marketing and businesses from various sectors, while also letting people know more about K2L. That said, his quest is far from over.

If you’re a business in Manchester with exciting products and innovative services, you never know – maybe Dennis will come and pay you a visit.

If you’d like Dennis to come and spend some time gaining work experience at your business, please get in touch on 0161 848 9008 or complete the contact form which can be found here.