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#NameThePup Competition

Last week we couldn’t help but share the story of the furry bundle of energy who came to visit.

Senior Account Manager, Maria brought her Chihuahua puppy and we debated on what to call her. ‘Mavis,’ ‘Vera,’ and ‘Freida’ were tossed around but we thought we’d go one better. Although originally we reported that we’d called her Freida a couple of days later we decided it didn’t suit her.

Rather than us having all the fun we’ve decided to give you the chance to take part in our #NameThePup competition.

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and comment on what you think her name should be. We’ll choose the name we like the most and the winner will receive a prize (It’s not the puppy!).

Don’t miss out on finding the perfect name. We know you have the power to be creative too.