Digital Marketing Agency K2L: Manchester Marathon Here We Come!

It’s Official: Manchester Marathon, Here We Come!

What’s one way to motivate your digital marketing agency?
Sign them up for a gruelling, 26.2 mile marathon of course! After our Director Scott’s previous successes at both the Manchester and London Marathons, he decided to sign us all up for 2016’s Manchester Marathon on the 10th April. No ifs, no buts, no backing out…

Fortunately, we’re totally joking – Scott wouldn’t be that mean. But two of our lads, Adam and Jonny, have stepped up to the mark and signed up with Scott, and the tenacious trio will be tackling the course in just 53 days’ time. Applications are in and it’s official – there’s no turning back now!

Flat, fast and friendly…

The Manchester Marathon is known for being the flattest, fastest and friendliest marathon, but our brave boys will still have their work cut out. With over 42km of track to cover and 15,000 fellow runners pounding the pavement, we’re expecting buckets of sweat and legs like lead. Training is in full swing, with the lads braving the elements and spending every Tuesday night running round nearby MediaCityUK after forming K2L’s very own running club.

But it’ll all be worth it, for the overwhelming sense of achievement they’ll all feel at the end. Plus, each of our runners is raising money for their chosen charity including Scott’s donations, that’ll go to our friends over at Salford’s St. Ann’s Hospice.

This’ll be the 40th Manchester Marathon since the race was first held, way back in 1908. Over the years the course has snaked through many different cobbled streets, but this year the boys will be on home turf, as the route runs right past Salford Quays, the Theatre of Dreams and, you guessed it, K2L HQ.

Good luck Team K2L!

As always, the event will broadcast live on BBC – if you can’t make it down to cheer them on, keep your eyes peeled for team K2L. We expect to see them fly round, with grins as wide as the newly-extended 8m finish line.

Until then, we’ll keep you posted with all their progress. The rest of the office would like to wish Team K2L the best of luck – we know that you’ll do our digital marketing agency proud. Now, where did we put those biscuits…