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Salford Red Devils: Behind The Scenes

Salford Red Devils, a name that resonates with history, passion, and the heartbeat of the local community. When the idea of the ‘Reds Rise Together’ campaign was born, it was more than just a financial initiative; it was about breathing new life into the very fabric of the club and cementing its place in the heart of Salford.

Building Unity Through Community

K2L’s task was not just to promote the ‘Reds Rise Together’ initiative but to tell a story, a story that resonated with every member of the community. From the passionate fans that fill the stands, the hardworking staff behind the scenes, the committed board members who keep the wheels turning, to the legends who once graced the pitch and the current teams – men, women, and the physical disability team.

From Concept to Reality

K2L’s journey with Salford Red Devils has been rich and rewarding. Having created the ‘Reds Rise Together’ concept, the agency went into overdrive, churning out creative assets, marketing tools, and spearheading a social media campaign.

The results were staggering. The initial goal of raising £250,000 was achieved in a matter of weeks, and after a month the Reds successfully raised £363,770 in 42 days. It was clear that the community was rallying behind the Red Devils like never before.

Rise Together, Now and Always

As the ‘Reds Rise Together’ initiative gains momentum, it’s evident that it’s more than just a campaign. It’s a movement. It’s about unity, pride, and a shared dream.

For those interested in being a part of this historic movement, delve deeper into the ‘Reds Rise Together’ campaign.

With every click, share, and pledge, the Salford Red Devils community grows stronger. And as they say, when the Reds rise together, there’s no stopping them.