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Service Level Agreements

This document describes the level of service that web hosting customers can expect from K2L.

K2L provide a hosting service that provides a 99.9% uptime (excluding scheduled maintenance). K2L do not constantly check the functionality of websites hosted on our servers as typical use, updates and changes made by the site owners can affect performance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to notify K2L of any degradation of performance or functionality.

99.9% Network and Servers Uptime

K2L guarantee that websites hosted on our servers are available 99.9% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance, or responsive maintenance). Downtime is defined as the customer’s website being unable to be viewed through the internet, caused by network equipment failure.

Schedule Maintenance means the brief period where updates are being applied to a website which results in a message advising visitors to the site that the website is being updated.

Responsive Maintenance is defined as updates being implemented outside of normal maintenance, which might be an update request, or an emergency fix where a plugin has a security vulnerability identified and needs an immediate update.

Response times

K2L aim to respond to, if not fully resolve, all emails to our support address ( within 4 working hours. We aim to answer phone calls during normal working hours, but during periods of high demand, or staff absence, will use a call answering service – but will call back as soon as possible.


Clients will not be entitled to any credit, should network downtime be caused by:

– Activity by the client, or others authorised by the client, on the website
– Client software or operating system failure
– Network maintenance activity caused by denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, or malicious code targeted at the client or K2L
– Hardware failure of any network or internet infrastructure not owned by K2L

Hosting Fees

K2L’s Standard Hosting Package is included in the website proposal. This includes:

– Setup and configuration of the server
– 1 year’s hosting
– WordPress updates*

*WordPress updates

Prior to launching a new website, WordPress will be updated to the latest stable version, as will any plugins the site uses. It will be fully tested prior to, and immediately after launch.

Updates to WordPress and WordPress plugins are typically available every few months. Standard hosting will not include maintaining the latest versions of these on a new site. This will require a Managed Hosting Package, with Maintenance.

Managed Hosting

In the event that Standard Hosting is insufficient, K2L offer hosting packages with varying levels of support. These all include regular functionality testing and updates to WordPress and any active plugins on the site, coding updates and any ‘bug’ fixes to maintain smooth function of the site.

Hosting Commencement

On acceptance of the website proposal, the client accepts the fees and understands that:

– Their website will be built and optimised to run on a K2L owned server
– Website hosting will be set up for the agreed domain name
– The website will be hosted on a K2L owned server

Website hosting commences when the site is launched under to final domain and the development site is disabled.

Hosting Renewals

All hosting packages run annually, with an invoice being sent ahead of the renewal date.

Hosting Cancellations

Clients are free to cancel a hosting service at any time, but this must be done in writing 30 days before the renewal date. If notice of cancellation is not provided 30 days ahead of renewal, K2L will assume that you do wish for the hosting to be renewed and you are in agreement with the terms for the next 12 months.

Hosting Refunds

A partial refund of 50% of the hosting fee will be paid to the customer, should written notification of cancellation be provided during the first six months of a renewed contract, i.e. not during the first year of hosting.

Alternative Hosting Arrangements

In the event that the client wishes to host the site with another provider, it is the responsibility of the client to make sure the alternative server specification will be set up correctly to host the site K2L are developing.

K2L will set up the site on a K2L server and test all functionality before providing the site and database to an alternative hosting provider. If additional work is required to make the site function on a non K2L server, and K2L are to complete this work, this may incur additional fees.

Transfers Away

If you wish to transfer the hosting of a website to another provider, we can supply a packaged copy of the website files and database. If required, we can upload the site to the new provider. Once the transfer is complete, we will remove the site and database from our server. This process will incur a processing fee.

Domain Names

K2L can register, renew and manage domain names in our control panel. For any domains registered on a client’s behalf, K2L become the legal owner for the registered domain, although this ownership will be treated strictly as one of guardianship, with all decisions concerning the control of the domain being made by the client. In the event that the client wishes to take full control of the domain, we can facilitate the transfer. Should the client wish to transfer the domain within 30 days of the domain requiring renewal (the expiry date), the transfer will incur a renewal fee.

Domains managed by K2L require registration renewal every 12 months. An automated invoice is sent in advance of the renewal date. Failure to pay can result in the domain not being renewed and the domain will become available for others to purchase.