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Stretching Ourselves for National Fitness Day

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us put on our yoga pants for National Fitness Day yesterday. We cleared some floor space, rolled out our yoga mats and welcomed the flexible Tamara Yoga to put us through our paces and help us relax in the middle of another busy day.

Working with a number of clients in the sports and leisure industry yoga was our way of getting involved in National Fitness Day (from the relative safety of our home!). Yoga is a combination of gentle exercise to flex the muscles, and mindfulness and meditation to de-stress and clear the mind. This made it the perfect option for a fast-moving studio.

The aim was to feel lifted in mood and spirits and the whole team got involved, we laughed and smiled our way through the Sun Salutations and Cat-Cow Poses – although sometimes through gritted teeth!

After our guru Tamara had put us through our paces we all felt much more chilled (if not a little sore too), which got us thinking about the benefits of workplace exercise, and should we do it more often?…